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Sexperts Programming

So, you're interested in having the Sexperts meet with your group?  Review our Programs below and decide which best fits what your group is interested in. Once you've decided, email Sexperts with your program request at least two weeks in advance and we'll work with you to make it happen. It's just that easy!

Let’s Talk About Sex

This is a great way to begin a discussion about sexuality. It gets people to think about things and express their opinions in a comfortable setting without being called out on their stances on certain topics and without feeling alone. They’ll also become more aware of all the differing opinions out there on sexuality. (This program is ideal for First-Year Students!)

Supplies Needed: Big Pieces of Poster/Paper, Markers, Mood Music (optional), comfy seating

Time Needed: 30-60 minutes

Strangers with Candy

This program is focused on Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) education. It’s a great way to get students to really think about how easy it is to become infected with an STI and learn more about the most prevalent STIs. They can also snack, which keeps them engaged. (This program is ideal for First year Students!)

Supplies Needed: Provide 3-5 different candy variety-packs (snickers, reeses, milky ways, starbursts, blow pops), a bunch of little paper lunch bags, hand out (provided by Sexperts facilitators), condoms

Time Needed: 60 minutes

Other Suggestions: This program can be combined with a program on contraception. This may make the program go a bit longer and will require more supplies (non-lubricated condoms, dildos, lubricant, scissors, dental dams).

Screw It! ... Carving Out your Own Space in Dartmouth’s Sex/Dating Culture (or Lack There Of)

Fed up with your Dartmouth love life? Come “Screw It!” with Sexperts. This program presents information ranging from relationships outside of physical intimacy to hot ways to spice up (bland?) sex. Games, aphrodisiac sampling, and guides to sexuality at Dartmouth will all be part of defining your intimate college couture.

Supplies Needed: Big Pieces of Poster/Paper (or whiteboard), Markers, brown bags, bananas, chocolate. Hand outs, note cards & pens provided by Sexperts facilitators.

Time Needed: 45- 60 minutes

Sex ‘R’ Us

Are you interested in seeing what the "sex toy craze" is all about? Never seen a vibrator before? Looking for a new type of toy with different stimulation? Want to know how these babies work? This event is for you. Numerous sex toys (from dildos, vibrators, to anal beads and masturbation sleeves) for you to learn about with different uses. You'll find out what each gadget is meant to stimulate and how.

Time Needed: 45-60 minutes

More Programs are currently being developed!

Contact us with any questions.

Last Updated: 3/11/09