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EDPA Job Description

EDPA’s are trained to listen and provide information, referrals and support to their fellow students with eating disorders or disordered eating.

Some of your responsibilities are as follows:

  • Provide support to students or their friends around eating disorder issues
  • Learn about medical, psychological, nutritional, and social issues associated with eating disorders
  • Explain how to get help on and off campus
  • Be available during campus-wide education events like Eating Disorder Awareness Week
  • Attend at least one continuing education session during each term you are an active EDPA
  • Contact the EDPA blitz account or the advisor after leave terms, advising of your EDPA status (active or non-active).

You are NOT a professional. You are expected to make referrals in crisis situations. During Health Service hours, call the Counseling & Human Development office to assist the student in making an appointment with a counselor or nutritionist. After hours or on weekends, call Safety & Security to reach the Counselor-on-Call.

You are expected to fill out Reporting Forms (or Blitz reporting information to the advisor) to document contacts you have made as an EDPA. You do not have to give the student’s name. However, remember that you are not bound by professional confidentiality and can give professionals at the Health Service the names of students you are concerned about.

If you believe that a student is suicidal, you must contact the Counselor-on-Call or the EDPA Advisor immediately!

It is understandable that sometimes circumstances require a student to take a break from being an EDPA, whether those issues are academic or personal. If, at any time, you feel like you should take a leave of absence from the EDPA program, please contact the Advisor as soon as possible.

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Last Updated: 1/28/16