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Basix Dental Savings Program

The cost of dental care is a major concern to well, nearly everyone!  To help, the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) has incorporated the Basix Dental Savings Program into the plan beginning with the 2013-2014 plan year.  Basix contracts with dentists that agree to charge a reduced fee to people enrolled in the DSGHP.  You must pay the dentist at the time of service to receive the negotiated rate.  It is important to understand the Dental Savings Program is not dental insurance.

Savings vary depending upon the type of service received and the contracted dentist providing the service, but can be as high as 50%.  To use the program simply:

  1. Make an appointment with a contracted dentist; all the contracted dentists are listed on the Basix website,
  2. Make sure the dental office understands that you have access to the Basix program.  Separate Basix identification cards are not issued; just show the dental office your DSGHP identification card.  The dental office can also call the DSGHP Office at 603-646-9438 to confirm enrollment.  The DSGHP Office has an administrative contact person for each dentist to help clear up any confusion on the spot.
  3. The fee schedule heading for each dentist has a link which opens a page that has all of the information both you and the dentist will need to make your visit go smoothly.
  4. Remember, you must pay for the services you receive at the time of service, so make sure you understand what forms of payment the dentist accepts.  The Basix program makes no payment to providers.

Full details of the program can be viewed at:  Once at the home page, select the link for Dartmouth College.  You may also contact Basix via phone at 888-274-9961 or via e-mail through the Basix website. 

Last Updated: 6/25/15