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Attention Graduating Students


If you will be graduating, please be aware of the following deadlines for submitting charges to your student tuition account.

Graduating Geisel Students:          May 5, 2017

All Other Graduating Students:      May 19, 2017

Eligibility for all graduating students to receive services at Dick's House will terminate on June 22, 2017.

PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  Schedule appointments early, the schedule fills up quickly, and be prepared to pay for any billable service at the time you receive it once the student account submission deadlines above have passed.  Click on the Patient Accounts link to the left for a complete listing of Dick's House billable services.

Questions or concerns regarding billing or the student account submission deadlines?  Contact the Patient Accounts Office via phone to (603) 646-9439, or via e-mail to   



april is sexual assault awareness month

If you or someone you care about has questions or concerns about sexual assault, harassment or intimate partner violence, please reach out.

We welcome your phone call or a visit to Dick's House (care is available 24/7), or you can access additional college and community resources here.

The Health Services Department is a part of the Division of Student Affairs.

Last Updated: 4/20/17