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German Studies
6084 Dartmouth Hall, Room 333
Hanover, New Hampshire
Telephone: (603) 646-2408
Fax: (603) 646-1474
Chair: Ellis Shookman
Administrator: Wadeane Kunz

Major in German

The Department of German Studies offers two routes to the major (See "Major A" and "Major B" below). The specifics are designed individually in consultation with a departmental adviser. Each path has the same prerequisites: two courses at the intermediate level (German 6, German 10.00, German 10.01, German 10.02, German 10.03, or permission of the Chair).

The Senior "Culminating Experience:"

In the winter term of their senior year, all German majors must take German 65, the upper division seminar being offered. This course will count as one of the eight courses required for Major A and one of the ten courses required for Major B. In addition to regular seminar preparation, senior majors will meet during designated x-hours with the professor to discuss methodology and to develop a research topic. Additional work will culminate in a significant essay, the argument of which will be presented orally in German to classmates and the German Studies Department faculty at a mutually agreeable time at the end of winter term.

The German Honors Program:

Qualified students are encouraged to participate in the Honors Program by writing a thesis (German 87). Prospective honors students must submit a thesis proposal for approval by the Department demonstrating adequate preliminary knowledge of the area in which they wish to write. Such knowledge would normally be acquired through participation in an advanced course (above German 13) on a related topic. Alternatively, the topic of interest might have been explored in an independent study (German 85) or in the required senior winter seminar. Prospective honors students are expected to provide sufficient written material by the end of winter term to warrant continuation of their project by enrolling in German 87 in the spring term. Students not attaining the required minimum standards for honors work may not enroll in German 87, and therefore may have to take another German course to fulfill the major requirement

With permission of the chair, students are also able to transfer credits from other institutions. Such credits are often an important part of Dartmouth's one-year exchange program through the Federation of German-American Clubs. Each year a German student selected by the Federation comes to Dartmouth, and a Dartmouth student, normally a junior, spends two semesters at a German university, receiving up to 9 course credits. The financial arrangements are very advantageous

Last Updated: 8/5/14