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Speaker Series

Patricia Lopez, Postdoctoral Fellow
Dartmouth College
"Treponematosis in Haiti: the conflation of a disease during the US occupation (1915-1934)"
October 29, 2014
4:00 p.m.  - Rockefeller 1930's Room

Karen Hebert
Assistant Professor
Yale University
"Chronicle of a disaster foretold: Science, risk, and the politics of imperilment in Bristol Bay, Alaska"
November 6, 2014
4:00 p.m. 021 Fairchild



Geography Department
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Mona Domosh

Mona Domosh

Professor of Geography

Joan P. and Edward J. Foley, Jr 1933 Professor of Geography

Ph.D., Clark University, 1985

  • Urban
  • Gender
  • Cultural
  • Historical

Fairchild 119 | (603) 646-3149 |  Google Scholar

Research Interests

I am a cultural-historical geographer, with research interests in four main areas: 1) exploring the cultural processes and practices of early (pre 1920) United States-based globalization; 2) examining in what ways ideas of femininity, masculinity, consumption, and "whiteness" played into the crucial shift from American nation-building to empire-building during the late 19th and early 20th centuries; 3) understanding the connections between gender, class and the cultural formation of large American cities in the 19th century, particularly in regard to such critical but vexing distinctions as consumption/production, public/private, masculine/feminine; and 4) exploring feminist perspectives, theory, and methodology in relationship to matters of space and place.

I am also the co-author (with Rod Neumann and Patricia Price) of the Human Geography textbook, The Human Mosaic: A Cultural Approach to Human Geography, 12th edition, and one of three senior editors of the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography.

Principal Publications

On Early Globalization

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On Consumption and American Empire

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On Gender, Class and the City

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On Feminism and Space

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