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Film & Media Studies
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Dartmouth College
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Caitlin McNally '03, "Frontline" producer, visits students

Caitlin McNally '03 visited campus, and spoke with Film & Media Studies students about her work at Ark Media where she has worked on films mostly for PBS’s FRONTLINE, including "A Hidden Life" and "Growing Up Online". Currently, she is co-producing a new film and website for FRONTLINE called "Digital Nation". Caitlin wrote, co-produced and edited "Congo: On the Trail of an AK-47", a film about China’s involvement in the African gun trade, for FRONTLINE/World. She also worked on Rory Kennedy's Emmy award-winning HBO documentary "The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib". Caitlin recently produced a short documentary about an oil boom in North Dakota, and her material features regularly on the WNYC/PRI public radio program, "The Takeaway".

Caitlin McNally '03 Caitlin McNally '03 with Mark Williiams
Caitlin McNally '03, working on Digital Nation, and right, visiting with Mark Williams' Film Studies 40 class

Last Updated: 2/17/10