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Research Funding Opportunities

Funding for Faculty Research

The Thomas D. Sayles Research Grant

Classroom Enhancement Grants

Faculty may apply for grants throughout the academic year for research-based activities or invited classroom guests that support efforts to enrich the teaching experience with a focus on ethics, broadly construed.  These grants may be used to invite a guest lecturer from outside Dartmouth to a class, go on a research-related field trip, or engage in other activities that support the curriculum or classroom experience.

Classroom Enhancement Grants should not be used to supplement travel or other expenses related to academic conferences on campus. If a visiting faculty member is on campus for such a conference, Classroom Enhancement Grants may be used for an additional night’s stay in Hanover in order to meet with students in classes. Awards typically range from $500-$1000, with an honorarium limit of $250 per person and any additional funds used for travel or other costs. Faculty may submit requests totaling up to $1500 per fiscal year. Additional requests may be considered based on the availability of funds.  Apply


The Institute provides funds for faculty sponsored events taking place at Dartmouth that intersect with ethical issues, broadly construed.  These funds normally do not exceed $1000.  If you’re seeking funding, please send a proposed budget and description of the event to Diane Belback.

September 21—22, 2018, Law and Philosophy Workshop. Cosponsored by the Ethics Institute.  To learn more and register>>


Last Updated: 6/8/18