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This page has links to various files you can download via ftp. Be sure to download the files as binary.

There are two sets of documents for the EBSP MATLAB routines. For online documentation, go to the EBSP pages.

One is a single file which is compressed and binhexed. This file is here MATLAB_EBSP_package.sit.hqx

The others, uncompressed but binhexed, are in the directory/folder MATLAB_EBSP_package

Please be sure to read the online documentation before downloading these files. If you do not own MATLAB, these files will be of little use to you. Have fun. 

EFA1.5 This is a program for doing elliptic Fourier analysis of closed outlines. A new version is in the works that will do cross correlations for comparisons of outlines based on frequency analysis. There is a read me file with some documentation. Most of the program is obvious.

Tree Ring Macros final This is a set of macros for measuring tree ring widths and densities (gray level) of early and late wood. You should read through the macro ext to see what it is doing. It is important to have the tree core aligned the correct way.

Last modified on 02/04/00.

Last Updated: 10/2/08