Applying to the Dartmouth College Teacher Education Program (TEP)

What We Look for in Candidates

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  • Evidence of a strong grasp of key disciplines, reflected in your GPA and rigorous coursework and wide experiences in the language arts, social studies, sciences, and math.
  • Demonstrated understanding of connections between your work with children and concepts in cognitive science, developmental science, neuroscience, social science, and theories of learning (based on your experiences in EDUC 01 and other Education courses).
  • Evidence of curiosity and a love of learning.
  • A demonstrated belief that success is based on hard work and learning.
  • Evidence of a long-term commitment to and enthusiasm for working with children.
  • An ability to take – and constructively use – feedback.
  • Evidence of your appreciation of the responsibility and need for professionalism that come with taking care of the growth and development of someone else’s child.

There are many opportunities both off and on the Dartmouth campus to work with children and adolescents; it is a requirement of the TEP that applicants have prior experience working with developing learners.

When to Apply

There is a limit of 10 elementary candidates and 10 secondary candidates in any given cohort (a cohort is defined as all of the students both fourth and fifth fall candidates participating in the practica in a given year). Therefore, interested students are encouraged to explore our Department and apply early in their Dartmouth careers. Early application is not only more likely to ensure a spot in the program, but also to guarantee that applicants will be able to fulfill program requirements while enjoying a rich and varied college experience. We accept and review applications on a rolling basis during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

Fourth and Fifth Fall Options

The College recognizes that it might be difficult for most students to complete the TEP within the four years of their undergraduate career. Therefore, we offer a "fifth Fall" option: Students may graduate with their class but return to the College to complete their student teaching term the following Fall. Fifth Fall Elementary certification candidates enroll in EDUC 42, 43, and 44 during the student teaching term and Secondary certification candidates enroll in EDUC 46, 47, and 48 (see TEP Coursework). Fifth Fall candidates are not eligible for room and board at the College. However, fifth Fall candidates are charged only a nominal fee of $600. Students must declare whether they are planning to complete the TEP within their four undergraduate years or return for a fifth Fall term when they apply to the program.

The Application Process

  • Note that, before submitting an application, you must have:
    • scheduled an initial meeting with Professor Ward, Interim Director of the Teacher Education Program,
    • completed at least one Education course,
    • completed a minimum of two terms at Dartmouth,
    • strong academic performance both in your discipline and in your Department of Education coursework (target GPA of 3.0 or higher).
  • Applicants must submit a complete application and current transcript to the Education Department Administrator Sandy White ( If possible, please submit these materials as a single pdf file.
  • Any student unable to meet the application criteria must also submit a petition [link to petition form] with his or her application.
  • Faculty in the Teacher Education Program will contact promising applicants to schedule an interview.
  • Accepted students are referred to as "certification candidates." The acceptance is provisional until candidates complete all required coursework (as summarized in the grid in the application; see also TEP Coursework), maintain or improve their GPA, and continue in good standing with the College.

The Application

Applications are available at:

Note that for your in-classroom student teaching experiences (pre-practica, EDUC 41 for elementary candidates and EDUC 45 for secondary candidates; practica, EDUC 43 for elementary candidates and EDUC 47 for secondary candidates), you will be placed with mentor teachers in local schools. Principals and mentor teachers will review the cover letter and statement of purpose that you initially develop as part of your application to the TEP. Successful placement will depend on principals and mentor teachers choosing you to work with them.


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