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Brian Jackson

Environmental Analytical Chemistry



Contact Information:

Dartmouth College
Department of Earth Sciences
6105 Fairchild Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
Email: brian.jackson@dartmouth.edu
Office: 221 Steele
Office Phone: 603-646-1272
Office Fax: 603-646-3922
Lab: 213 Steele

Overview of Research :

The broad theme of my research is the cycling of contaminant trace elements in the environment and the associated implications for human health.  In particular I specialize in arsenic and mercury geochemistry and on developing analytical coupled methods to probe the speciation and partitioning of As and Hg in complex environmental systems.  Emerging foci are the potential role of climate change on the availability of mercury in estuarine and terrestrial systems and human exposure to arsenic through food.


Recent Papers

Recent papers
1.            Jackson, B.P., Bugge, D, Ranville, J.F., Chen. C.Y. Bioavailability, toxicity, and bioaccumulation of quantum dot nanoparticles to the amphipod Leptocheirus plumulosus. Environmental Science and Technology. 46(10), 5550-5556.

2.            Kozul, C.D., Jackson, B.P., Enelow, R.I, Hamilton, J.W. 2012. Effects of low-dose drinking water arsenic on mouse fetal and postnatal growth and development. PLoS One, 7(5):e38249.

3.            Taylor, V.F., Jackson, B.P, Siegfried, M. Francesconi, K., Kirshtein, J. Voytek, M. 2012. Multiple Arsenic speciation and cycling in food chains from mid-Atlantic hydrothermal vents. Environmental Chemistry, 9(2):130-138.

4.            Jung D., MacIver, B., Jackson, B., Barnaby, R., Sato, J.D., Zeidel, M.L., Shaw, J.R. and B. A. Stanton. 2012. A novel aquaporin 3 in killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) is not an arsenic channel. Toxicological Sciences. 127(1):101-109

5.            Jackson, B.P, Taylor, V.F., Punshon, T. Cottingham, K.L. 2012. Arsenic, Organic foods and Brown Rice Syrup. Environmental Health Perspectives.  120(5):623-626.

6.            Jackson, B.P, Taylor, V.F., Punshon, T. Cottingham, K.L. (2012) Arsenic concentration and speciation in infant formulas and first foods. Pure and Applied Chemistry 84: 215-224.

7.            Chen, C.Y.,  Kamman, N., Williams J., Bugge, D. Taylor, V.F., Jackson, B.P., Miller E. 2012. Spatial and temporal variation in mercury bioaccumulation by zooplankton in Lake Champlain (North America), Environmental Pollution, 161: 343-349.

8.            Miller, E.K, Chen, C.Y.,  Kamman, N., Shanley,J.,  Chalmers, A.,  Jackson, B.P.  Taylor, V.,  Smeltzer, E., Stangel, P., Shambaugh. A. 2012.  Mercury in the Lake Champlain Food Web. Ecotoxicology. 21(3):705-718.



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