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Fiscal Administration

Arts and Sciences Fiscal Office
Dean of Faculty Office

6045 Wentworth Hall, Suite 308
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

Tel (603) 646-2028
Fax (603) 646-3488

The Fiscal Office is primarily responsible for overseeing the financial and personnel needs of the Arts and Sciences. Our purview includes faculty and staff compensation, department operating budgets, research and professional development funds, as well as endowment, gift, indirect cost, and tuition revenue.

The Fiscal Office also serves A&S faculty as a liaison to other administrative offices, provides direct assistance with a wide variety of transactions, and interprets college policies and procedures. Members of the Fiscal Office represent the interests of the Arts & Sciences through their service on standing and ad hoc committees.

Fiscal Office personnel help faculty with the financial and human resources aspects of the business of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. Questions about personnel actions, programs and funding sources within Arts & Sciences are properly directed here. The Fiscal Office can also help Arts & Sciences faculty and personnel to find the proper assistance from other college offices. The Fiscal Office also administers all types of faculty leaves including sabbaticals, research leaves, leave own charges, and fellowships.

The Fiscal Office can also provide assistance with the following areas. Click on the  name for a full description or contact the person/office listed.

A&S Faculty Funds A&S Finance Center

     Burke Awards
     Jr & Sr Faculty Fellowships
     Other Fellowships & Awards

     Faculty Prizes
     Named Chair
     Recruitment & Relocation

A&S Payroll A&S Finance Center
A&S Staff Hiring Processes A&S Finance Center
Sabbatical Accruals Amanda F. Bushor
Dean of Faculty Website Erin L. Bennett
Divisional Fiscal Officer  

     Arts & Humanities
     Interdisciplinary Programs
     Social Sciences

Kate R. Soule


Last Updated: 8/29/12