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Leader assignments for DOC First-Year Trips 2014 are posted! Login to see your trip.

PE Credit

PE credit is available for those who complete trip leader training in either the spring or summer term. In order to get PE credit, leaders must:

PE credit will be given during the term that you successfully complete all the above requirements. Signing up for PE credit is your responsibility! You must register via Bannerstudent at the beginning of the term during which you are planning on fulfilling all the training requirements. If you register for PE credit for spring term, you must complete ALL the above requirements by the end of spring term, otherwise you will not receive credit. At the end of spring term (and again at the end of summer term), we will blitz the PE office a list of who has completed these requirements.


DOC Trips will provide housing for you during your trip. Your first night you’ll spend in the leader training review program, the second night you’ll spend with your trip on-campus, and then you’ll be out on your trip.

Interim Housing

Trip Leaders can usually secure interim housing through the College, but it depends on what section you are leading on, your D-Plan, and what building you are moving into. In order to secure interim housing, you MUST be living in College housing this fall. Students who are not in College housing this fall are NOT eligible for interim housing. · Copyright 1996-2014 Dartmouth College · XHTML · CSS · Links

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