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WELCOME to DOC First-Year Trips! On behalf of the entire program, I am really excited to welcome you to Dartmouth this fall! The Trips website has a lot of information, so feel free to explore to site, learn about the program, and contact us if you have any questions. For more information, check out our blog as well. Thanks for your interest in First-Year Trips! --Gerben Scherpbier '14, Director

Planning for DOC Trips 2014 has already begun! Please explore our site throughout the year for more updates. Current students interested in getting involved with Trips should fill out the application here.

“During Trips, Dartmouth became my home. My trippees became my people, and the wilderness that was once so intimidating became my backyard.” —Angie Yang ’13

DOC First-Year Trips (or “Trips”, as we call it) is a student-run, five-day outdoor pre-orientation program designed to welcome you to Dartmouth! We try to ease your transition to college by connecting you to your class and all your peers at Dartmouth who can help you define your own experience and find your own sense of place. Trips is a unique and incredible opportunity for you to bond with other incoming students, spend a few days in the beautiful area surrounding your new home, and meet upperclass leaders who are excited to welcome you to Dartmouth.

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