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Committee on Student Safety and Accountability

The Committee on Student Safety and Accountability report was publicly available online from November 2013 to February 2014. Feedback was solicited by email, D2U, and individual requests. We received suggestions from all campus constituents, including faculty, staff, students (undergraduate & graduate), and alumni. The feedback was largely positive and included constructive modifications or suggestions to be considered during implementation. Based on the community input, some revisions have been made to the report. These include more emphasis on the urgency of first responder training and underscoring the need to increase data sharing and transparency. Other areas of feedback focused on implementation and will be shared with those responsible for moving the recommendations forward.

The Committee on Student Life - a standing faculty committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students charged with the review of student life issues that impact the academic life of the college – is responsible for reviewing and following up on the proposed recommendations. Termly updates will be posted online for community review.

Report of Committee on Student Safety and Accountability


COSSA Progress Table

Last Updated: 3/14/14