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Dean of the College
6003 Parkhurst Hall, Room 111
Hanover, NH

Dean of the College Division

In line with Dartmouth's holistic educational model, the Dean of the College division is a partner in providing students an educational experience that encompasses and facilitates students' academic and personal success.


To be the leader in transformative co-curricular learning from orientation to graduation.


Consistent with the liberal arts tradition of Dartmouth College, the division builds an inclusive, thriving, and intellectually stimulating environment that fosters students' academic, social, cultural, and personal growth.

Strategic Priorities:

  • Increase and strengthen intellectual climate by helping build a community of students that is highly and constructively engaged outside of the classroom
  • Leverage resources allocated toward student health and safety to build a holistic wellness model that increases students' self-care and well-being
  • Model and help students hold themselves and each other accountable for a community that is welcoming, inclusive, and respectful
  • Work to achieve "inclusive excellence"Prioritize students' career and professional development as a critical component of students' undergraduate experience

Last Updated: 11/14/13