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Active Learning Institute

ALI can help you revamp an existing course and provide you with the tools you need to address whatever challenges you face in teaching. The goal of ALI is to make your teaching easier, more efficient, and more effective.

Participants in ALI will learn to
• Understand the cognitive science principles that underlie active learning
• Incorporate active learning strategies
• Use peer review to improve student learning
• Structure small groups
• Craft assignments that meet your goals
• Explore using technology (such as clickers, smart pens, Canvas, wikis, blogs)

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Here is what your colleagues have said about previous ALIs:

“ALI is a phenomenal asset to this college. I not only learned valuable practical content, but I also find myself sharing these ideas with my colleagues in informal discussions. It's rare to have a two-day workshop have such a strong positive impact.”

“All in all, the Institute ranks among my most productive professional education experiences.”

“I do not think I could overstate how much the experience, authority, authenticity, intelligence, commitment, and enthusiasm of the facilitators and other participants defined my ALI experience. They helped me see how these techniques could be used and gave me the sense that it would be OK to try using them.”

“The ALI was a transformative experience for me. With no formal training in teaching methodology, the most useful component was overall, big picture, course design. ”

“Great program! I wish it had been available when I started teaching.”

Previous ALI Participants

Anatomy and Physiology (Geisel)-Virginia Lyons
Anthropology—Lourdes Gutierrez Najera (also LALACS), Kes Shroer (also Neukom Institute)
Art History
—Marlene Heck
Biochemistry (Geisel)-Surachai Supattaphone
Biological Sciences—Kathryn Cottingham, Olga Zhaxbayeva
Business Administration—Ye Luan, Richard McNulty, Paul Gardent, Katy Milligan, Stephen Powell
Chemistry—Richard Stolzberg, Jon Kull
Classics-Julie Hruby
Community and Family Medicine (Geisel)—Carolyn Murray, Scottie Eliassen, Cathleen Morrow, Catherine Pipas, Tanya Luttinger, Christopher LaRocca
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice—Honor Passow, Alice Andrews
Earth Sciences—Xiahong Feng
Economics—Parama Chaudhury
Education—Donna Coch
Engineering—Mary Kay Brown, Brendan Epps
—Colleen Boggs, Michael Chaney, Mishuana Goeman (also NAS), Ivy Schweitzer (also WGST), Soyica Colbert
Epidemiology—Don Likosky
French & Italian—Michael Fodor, Nancy Canepa
Gastroenterology (Geisel)-Steve Bensen, Campbell Levy
Geography-Jonathan Chipman
Government—Lisa Baldez,  James Murphy, Brendan Nyhan
History—Cecilia Gaposchkin, Leslie Butler, Robert Bonner
Infectious Disease (Geisel)-Timothy Lahey
Japanese—James Dorsey
Linguistics and Cognitive Science
—David Peterson
Mathematics—Stephanie Treneer, Paige Rinker, Patricia Cahn, Katie Kinnaird, Lola Thompson, Sergi Elizalde, Kassie Archer, Scott LaLonde
Medicine (Geisel)-Mary Margaret Andrews
Microbiology-Charles Sentman
Neurology (Geisel)-Morris Levin
Pediatrics (Geisel)-Adam Weinstein
Pediatric Otolaryngology (Geisel)-Mark Smith
Pharmacology and Toxicology (Geisel)-Sarah Freemantle
Philosophy—Carey Heckman, Ann Bumpus
Physics & Astronomy—Robyn Millan, Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Miles Blencowe, Brian Chaboyer, Kevin Wright
Psychological and Brain Sciences—Thalia Wheatley, Mark Detzer, David Bucci, Ann Clark, Jon Pfister, Catherine Norris, Siobhan Robinson, Ming Meng, Bradley Duchaine, Jay Hull
Public Health—Sharon McDonnell
Radiology (Geisel)-Petra Lewis
Religion—Reiko Ohnuma, Susan Ackerman, Christopher MacEvitt
Sociology- Janice McCabe
Spanish & Portuguese—Ana Merino
Women and Gender Studies-Zahra Ayubi
Writing and Rhetoric—Sara Chaney, Joshua Compton, Carl Thum, Jonna Mackin, Claudia Anguiano, Ellen Rockmore, Alan Taylor

Last Updated: 12/11/14