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Course Shopping

Dartmouth students shop for courses during the first two weeks of term.  You may see your class enrollments using Canvas or BannerStudent about 30 days before a term begins, but that enrollment will likely change once term begins.  You can reduce shopping some by sending the class an e-mail via Canvas before term begins; if your Canvas site contains course information, they can use that to make decisions early.  Below are the Registrar's rules for dropping and adding courses:

Beginning with the first day of classes, students are eligible to change courses at the Office of the Registrar. Each term a five-day period is available for the adding, dropping, or exchanging of courses or sections. In sectioned courses students have normally been placed, in accordance with Faculty wishes, in a section that will lead to as even balancing of section sizes as possible; the same practice must be followed when a student shifts into a sectioned course. As a consequence, no permission is normally needed if a student wishes to move from a larger to a smaller section; a shift in the opposite direction (including that involving initially equal sections) requires the permission in writing of the designated director of the course.

During the second five class days of a term a student may add or exchange courses by securing the written approval of the instructor of the intended new course.  After this second five-day period a student may exchange courses only by obtaining the written approval of the instructor of the intended new course, the written certification of the instructor of the course the student wishes to drop that he or she is not failing the course, and the written agreement of the Registrar to the overall change.  (from

Last Updated: 2/29/16