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Programs for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Please go to the Events page to view all Current Workshops for graduate students and postdocs! You can also be added to DCAL's Future Faculty Listserv to get announcements about upcoming events.

For a description of recurring events, see below:

Other workshops that have been offered include collaborative learning techniques, diversity in the classroom, and learning styles. If you have ideas for workshops and seminars on teaching and learning, please contact DCAL Associate Director, Cindy Tobery.

All DCAL Services are available to grad students and postdocs. Feel free to make an appointment or stop by to discuss teaching-related issues with Cindy Tobery. For job-search information be sure to look at the Graduate Career Office website (note the page will open in a new window) and postdocs can look to see what is being offered through the Dartmouth College Postdoc Association (DCPDA)(note the page will open in a new window).

Graduate students and postdocs are also welcome to attend Academic Computing's faculty and staff workshops, many of which are offered during inter session. Titles (which may include the word "faculty" but are not intended to exclude grad students and postdocs) and descriptions of upcoming events are available on the sign up page:

Grad students and postdocs may also be interested in the blog GradHacker (note the page will open in a new window)

Last Updated: 1/11/16