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2008-2009 DCAL fellow

Lorie Loeb awarded the DCAL Teaching Fellowship

Lori Loeb

Lorie Loeb, Research Assistant Professor in Computer Science, will use the course relief and technical support provided by the fellowship to adapt Dartmouth's recently acquired motion capture hardware and software for use in Computer Science 12—Motion Study: Using Motion Analysis for Science, Art and Medicine. Having taught CS 12 twice before, Professor Loeb's students have used a loaner system to help design an ergonomically correct kayak seat, study the causes of ACL injuries and evaluate sports bra designs, and they did this with only a few weeks' access to the system. Now that Dartmouth has its own motion capture system, Prof. Loeb plans to design procedures for simplifying the collection and analysis of motion data and write software that will make it easier to understand the data collected. She also wants to create a forum on the use of motion capture systems in other courses and projects. Last fall Professor Loeb led a team of students that won Google Earth's Build Your Campus in 3D contest. For more information on DCAL teaching Fellowships and application procedures, see the DCAL website at

Last Updated: 9/17/08