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What's going on at DCAL?

Here are just a few notes about new initiatives and upcoming events at DCAL. Navigate the site's resources at the left and above. 

Disrupting Bias in the Classroom Resources

DCAL is collecting resources about implicit bias in the classroom and in higher education. For more information on bias in the classroom and strategies for addressing bias, please visit the Disrupting Implicit Bias Resources page.  We will be adding new resources to this page on a regular basis.

Workshops and Events

DCAL is pleased to offer a number of workshops and sessions on teaching and learning this term. To view the calendar of events and sign up for workshops, visit the DCAL LibCal page. For future faculty-specific events, visit the Graduate Studies LibCal page.


The Gateway Initiative

DCAL is thrilled to announce the selections for Round 3 of the Gateway Course Redesign Initiative:

  • Engs 31/Cosc 56 Digital Electronics, Eric Hansen and Geoff Luke
  • Psyc 1 Introduction to Psychology, Thalia Wheatley, Paul Whalen, Todd Heatherton, Bill Kelley
  • Socy 1 Intro to Sociology, Kim Rogers
  • Chem 52 Organic I, Chenfeng Ke and Cathy Welder
  • Ears 6 Environmental Change, Bob Hawley

The goal of the Gateway Initiative is to provide faculty with the resources and support they need in order to meet their active learning goals. These resources include instructional design, support for learning assistants, and a robust evaluation process. The Gateway Initiative is part of the larger Digital Learning Initiative at DCAL, an effort that includes DartmouthX and support for the development of premium quality low-residency courses and programs at the College. For more about the Gateway Initiative, go to

Experiential Learning Initiative

The Dartmouth Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) is a campus-wide, strategic effort coordinated by DCAL to resource, connect, promote, and assess intentional, reflective, high-impact learning experiences in and beyond the classroom.  To learn more about this initiative, visit the ELI webpage.  

Also, check out the Q&A with Ashley Kehoe, the Associate Director of Experiential Learning, featured in the EdTech Connection Blog.


Five new DartmouthX courses have been announced for the second round of Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) to be produced by Dartmouth in collaboration with our online learning consortium partner, EdX. For more information, please refer to the recent article in Dartmouth Now.

In the News

"Experiential Learning: Where Theory and Practice Meet"

Read more about the first round of projects supported through DCAL's Experiential Learning Initiative here.

"Skype Brings Scientists to Dartmouth Classrooms"

Learn how Dartmouth Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Ryan Hickox used technology to bring insights from colleagues in astronomy from across the globe to his classroom with the design assistance of DCAL.  Click here to access the article from Dartmouth Now.

More News

Last Updated: 7/19/16