The End of 13F

With just 3 days of class ahead of me, I am in the middle of my busiest week of term. The ten week terms were intimidating at first, but I love the fact that I am only taking three classes. I enjoy being able to intently focus in on the areas that I am studying. Having just three classes makes the pace of the work manageable.

Luckily I have found great study spots!



However, even amid all of the studying, there is still much fun to be had! Last week I celebrated my 19th birthday at Dartmouth. My friends and I headed over to Molly’s in Hanover for a great meal. This experience made me appreciate the home and family that I have built at Dartmouth. So many people on campus, through clubs and organizations and independently, have reached out to make the transition to college life enjoyable. First year trips, DOC feeds, the Tucker Foundation community, Collis After Dark events, the greek system, and the freshmen residential clusters have all provided me with great opportunities to develop friendships across grades.

Dartmouth’s small community fosters strong bonds and I have loved my transition into this community!


Until next time!



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