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It’s Monday and another homecoming weekend is in the books. This past weekend represented another weekend full of historic traditions, school spirit, and bonding among a vast array of classes. From the classes that walked The Green during the Great Depression, to the class of 2017, all joined together to sing the Alma Mater, watch the freshmen run around the bonfire, and to enjoy the great sense of school spirit in the air. For me, homecoming has always been the most momentous time during the fall term.

Just to recap on the weekend, here is a snapshot of what my homecoming looked like this year:


I began my day like any other Friday, waking up and getting my day started with my classes. After attending my last class, I proceeded with my normal schedule for home football games on Friday. Once football meetings, walk-troughs, and dinner with my teammates were done, I met up with some friends and alums to get ready for the festivities ahead. Once we made way to The Green we instantly found ourselves socializing and reminiscing on all of the great moments we’d experienced at Dartmouth. As the night continued on, we watched the ceremony in front of Dartmouth hall while the bonfire for the 17’s took flame. Watching the 17’s run around the bonfire reminded me of the sweltering ball of anxious and energetic freshmen from my class, who joyously ran around the bonfire as we were heckled by upperclassmen.

Homecoming Bonfire


This day marked the 97th time that Dartmouth football played against Yale University. This game for us not only represented an opportunity for a homecoming victory, but an opportunity to get one step closer to achieving our goal of wining an Ivy-League Championship. After a lot of buzz from Friday night about the game and many best wishes, we took foot to the field with our minds focused on one thing and one thing only, winning! After 4 quarters of physical play and a valiant effort from my teammates, we ended up wining the game 20-13. The most memorable moment was probably when my teammates and all those affiliated with Dartmouth joined together to sing the Alma Mater. Once all of the post-game festivities both on the field and in the locker room subsided, I began to celebrate the rest of the evening with many friends.

To me homecoming represents a time where people no matter what class, affiliation, or differences can all come together to share a similar experience and indulge in a atmosphere of positivity, compassion, and fellowship. This is what continues to bring those who have been affiliated with Dartmouth in some capacity back to the best kept secret in the woods. For all, enjoy experiences like these and cherish them for the rest of your life. & Oh Yeah BLEED GREEN!!!

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