Senior Year

So, as you may have noticed, the blog went a little quiet the past term. That was because I was employed by Overland Summers, a company that recruits at Dartmouth and other liberal arts institutions for summer leaders. This program allowed me to travel to St. Croix, USVI to lead high schoolers on service trips for 6 weeks. With one co-leader, we were in charge of 12 teenagers for 2 week intervals. While it was not your traditional job post-junior year, it taught me a lot about life and how to deal with real life situations. Like being stuck on a beach when all of your stuff has been stolen, including your eyeglasses and car keys, while 12 hungry kids wait on the beach. Invaluable! But anyways, the other programs biked across America, learned Spanish in Spain, and hiked Mount Kilimanjaro, just to name a few.

St. Croix
In St. Croix, we worked at the Boys and Girls Club in Frederiksted!


Now I am back at Dartmouth and ready to start senior year…WHAT!? They tell you time flies in college, but really, it flies. I am gearing up to run a cappella auditions with my best friend in the Dartmouth Cords, and we have truly come full circle. Time to find some ’17s to bring into the Rockapella family before graduation. And tomorrow I leave on my final DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club) trip. In the past I have gone on/led the same trip…harder hiking. This year I am leading Rock Climbing which is going to be interesting with my fear of heights (I will keep you posted on that one…). It is so amazing seeing everyone back on campus, super spirited, and ready to welcome another class to our campus!

So, here goes…hope to meet some awesome ’17s soon!

This was the boys soccer scrimmage on August 28th against McGill!

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