40 Years of Co-Education

This weekend was a very special weekend at Dartmouth. It was the 40th celebration of Co-Education event, called Greenways. We are one of the last colleges to have gone co-ed in 1972 and therefore we have an incredibly strong alumni presence. This weekend hundreds of women alums formed panels and came to a breakfast, lunch, and cocktail reception.

The breakfast was lead by the President of the WNBA, Laurel Richie ’81. Laurel joked about how her eight year old niece had grown up watching women’s basketball, and that when she finally saw an NBA game she was confused as to why men played basketball. The luncheon was focused around another incredible keynote speaker, Rachel Dratch ’88. Dratch has been an incredible presence on campus this past year as one of the more famous alums in the arts world, famous for her four-year stint on SNL. Naturally, her speech had the audience laughing throughout the lunch. In between each meal were panels on things such as education, medicine, business, and theater. Each panel was stacked with accomplished alums willing to impart their wisdom.

Laurel Richie ’81, President of the WNBA at the opening address

At the reception at the end of the night, I performed with the Rockapellas. We sang an original piece by Beth Blatt ’79. She wrote a song entitled “One Woman” for the United Nations, which we had the honor of performing with some talented alumni. The piece should be on YouTube soon!

Other really incredible things this week included a lecture by Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of the article “Why Women Can’t Have it All.” The lecture hall was so filled that some people had to stand in the hallways to try and hear her speech.

This week was an incredible time to see how far Dartmouth has come as a co-educational institution. The women that have graduated are so accomplished and strong, and this weekend re-affirmed how lucky I am to be at Dartmouth College.

Anne-Marie Slaughter at a Voices in Higher Education lecture.

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