As you probably already know, Dartmouth has a system called the D-Plan which enables everyone on campus to take one or more “off-terms” in exchange for summer terms. Since I went abroad to Lyon, France on the Language Study abroad last winter, and was on campus this summer, this term, it was time to take a term off. So, I am living at home and working for an education publishing company – Educators for Social Responsibility in Cambridge, MA. Many companies are waiting for college kids to come knocking mid-winter because everyone else is back at school. So, I am the only student intern in the entire company right now. This makes for some incredible opportunities!

Another cool job I picked up was the Intern for Social Media at a start up company called Sharitive. The company was started by a Dartmouth ’08 and just by word of mouth, the two of us connected over blitz! Now, I maintain a Twitter and Facebook page for this new nonprofit organization. It is really impressive how much opportunity comes your way.

Something I was really worried about at Dartmouth was this mentality that, “I am on campus one term, off another.” And, “for goodness sakes please make sure my best friend has the same D-Plan as me.” As someone who was off two winters in a row…I can tell you one thing, we definitely do not all have the same D-Plan. But, it is so much better than I ever could’ve imagined. People ask how the plan works out and I will be the first to tell you it keeps things interesting. It also helps to show you who your true friends are very quickly. As I went off my sophomore winter, I realized who I went to blitz first and who continuously was checking in to make sure I was okay.

A member of “Tasty Tuesdays” in front of Leo’s Diner in Harvard Square!

Not only that, but it is awesome how tight we all stay even when we aren’t in the same place. In the Boston area we have started a group called “Tasty Tuesday” as a break from our work week to try one of the many delicious places Boston has to offer. This past week I flew to California to visit one of my best friends at Dartmouth while she was recovering from foot surgery. It was an awesome vacation and it was so cool to see the state from the eyes of a local, something you can’t do on vacation with your family. Many of my friends are flying in for Winter Carnival, a time when most people who are close by will come back to Dartmouth, even on off terms.

Visiting Carissa in CA…quite the change in weather!

So, that ten week off term probably looks a lot shorter and less lonely than anticipated at this point. And Winter Carnival is only two weeks away!