Already winding down…

The bonfire during the day. Organizations add their own board with names of their members. The ’16’s ran around this up to 116 times that night!

And as per usual, the term has flown by! We are now in the last week with finals looming overhead. Two weeks ago was homecoming! This is possibly the most fun weekend at Dartmouth because all of the recent graduates return to campus to check out the bonfire and go to the football game. My friends who were on their off terms all returned and it was quite an enjoyable reunion. The traditions surrounding homecoming are what make homecoming. Each year the freshmen class builds a bonfire with their year on top. Organizations add boards with the names of their members and a huge structure is erected virtually overnight. Then, at night, it is lit and the freshmen are supposed to run around the bonfire 100 times plus their year of graduation. So, this year it was 116 laps, the equivalent of almost a half marathon! Believe it or not, many of the students do complete the feat, while others opt for only a few laps.

This past week I have been working non-stop on a student play called “True American Love” written by Laura Neill ’13. It is a work in progress and will be premiering this weekend. It is so interesting to be a part of this senior’s artistic process and be one of four people to premier the piece! It has been an experience that has truly made me value the talent of the people around me. A ’15 is directing, a ’14 is doing costume design, and the cast is made up of all grades. I am constantly impressed by my fellow classmates! It has also been cool because professors have come in and out of our rehearsal process to help us as actors, help Laura rewrite the script, and generally just show us how things come together in the theater. The experience has been an incredible process!

As for fun things – this past weekend I ran my first half marathon! I came a long way from my first 10K this summer. My friends and I drove down to Manchester as a part of D.E.R.T or Dartmouth Endurance Racing Team to the Manchester Marathon and Half Marathon. We ended up competing with many people from the New York Marathon, as it was cancelled due to hurricane Sandy! After finishing this, I am unsure if I will ever be able to run a full marathon, but the training has been a blast! Especially when you get to see views like the one below on your run each day!My view of the green on homecoming Sunday.4 Finishers at the Manchester Half Marathon!

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