End of freshman year and the start of summer!

Hello from Washington, D.C.! I know I haven’t written in a while but I’d love to update you on the end of my freshman year and my summer so far. I can’t quite believe I’m done with my first year at Dartmouth – it goes so fast! I loved getting to meet a great group of friends, trying out lots of new activities, and taking some interesting classes. I’d particularly recommend Art History 2, a great intro to the past 5 centuries that will help you understand any art museum in the world, and English 60 (called Raising the Dead) which explores the genre of creative nonfiction and lets you try your hand at it by digging through archives and interviewing your subjects. This summer, I’m participating in one of the Rockefeller Center’s programs called First Year Fellows. It’s an amazing program that brings together 20 freshmen with an interest in public policy and connects them with internships in D.C. as well as training and housing. I’m spending this summer in the office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand- a Dartmouth ’88! I highly recommend the program, and the opportunities it’s given us so far are great!

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