Springing into Spring!

It has been a while since we’ve posted, we know.  It’s been a hectic time.  Our short spring break has ended, and now we are in the midst of adding and dropping classes, buying textbooks, and going to meetings for clubs.  I want to spend some time talking about this past spring break to illustrate the amazing people here at Dartmouth and the amazing opportunities we have.

Most of our ASB group standing near the top of a mountain

Instead of going home or to a popular spring break destination like Miami, I went on an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to rural West Virginia, a program organized through the Tucker Foundation here on campus.  Led by two Dartmouth students and the Director of Sustainability at Dartmouth, our group focused on mountaintop removal and the adverse effects it has on the environment, people’s health, and the economy in West Virginia.

A mountaintop removal site

One thing I learned on this trip was how complex issues can truly be.  Everyone that we met had different responses to the situation and offered different solutions for the future.  There is no simple solution to the problem, and the best our ASB group can hope to do is communicate the issue to our peers on campus and in the greater Hanover community.

The people I met on this trip are so passionate about the environment and are all around great friends.  I am so glad I chose to go on this ASB not only for the educational value, but to meet people I otherwise would not have.  I encourage you all to do an ASB, or at least take advantage of the multitude of funding from other organizations on campus to do things you truly feel passionate about.

To read more about our trip to WV, read our blog: http://wvasb.blogspot.com/?view=classic

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