Three tips to surviving midterms

I’m feeling pretty free now.  Midterms are over (at least for a few weeks), and I can just enjoy the weekend…and blog a little bit to give all you guys some tips on how to get through midterm week…

(1) Look at the schedule of all of your midterms at the beginning of the term!  It’s really helpful to know when you’re going to have a couple of midterms at the same time.  Something you can always consider is taking two classes that have midterms and one that has papers, which gives some balance and definitely helps lower the stress level.

(2) Start studying at LEAST a week in advance.  Even though you might think that Dartmouth is in the middle of nowhere and that, consequently, nothing happens, this place is happening.  There are always things to do…student performances, social events, meetings for campus clubs/organizations, volunteering opportunities, and more.  Studying in advance really gives you the flexibility to be able to take advantage of all that Dartmouth has to offer.

(3) Don’t worry about the grade…worry about whether you understand the material.  Yeah, this one seems pretty cliche, but here’s my thinking: worrying about the grade literally does nothing.  You do get a good grade, however, if you really understand what you’re being tested on…so focus on that.  Also, after the midterm, you can do nothing to change your grade…so just forget about it and move on with the week!

That’s just three tips, but there are so many more (like getting a nice cup of coffee before any midterm from King Arthur Flour, which is right in the middle of Baker Library).  Now, because I’m not drinking the coffee right before a midterm, each cup might taste a little sweeter.

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