Not in Kansas

High school was a breeze. The classes were easy, the assignments laughable, and the tests were mildly challenging. I thought Dartmouth would be a little different. I had heard college was different and was expecting it to be a little harder. A little more of a challenge if you will.

I was wholly unprepared for what came next.

At first, three classes seemed ok. The first day, I showed up to my first class and was handed the syllabus. The reading seemed manageable, but what really threw me off were the fact that there were only three tests the whole term. When the class finally started, I found myself struggling to catch up with it’s whirlwind pace. When the first midterm rolled around, I didn’t too so well. I was disappointed, and vowed to do better, but still found myself struggling to get a grasp of the material.

My other classes don’t have tests, but there’s a plethora of reading and multiple essays and papers which are extremely time consuming. I was told that in college, you are accountable and responsible for your own time. If there was ever a truer statement about college, it’s that one. Nobody bothers me if I don’t show up for meetings, professors don’t take attendance, and Mom isn’t there to make sure your homework gets done. This is Dartmouth, so everybody is usually on top of everything. However, it can be exhausting seeing as many people spend their time in the library until 2 in the morning.

For all the prospective students out there, please apply. You’ll love it here. It truly is the greatest school in the country. However, don’t forget, you’re here to work hard, and trust me, you’ll be put to work.

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  • I have heard of the amount of work a Dartmouth student needs to do. But seriously, there is nothing more empowering in everyday lives than having meaningful works to do.
    Once acquired, knowledge and skills are built within you!
    The best college is the college that puts wisdom into men(or women), and I believe Dartmouth is one of the colleges that are able to do so.

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