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Seeking Treatment at Dartmouth College

The ideal standard of care suggests that the most effective treatment for eating disorders and related concerns includes a multidisciplinary team approach to health.  The three major components of treatment offered through Dartmouth College Health Service includes counseling, nutrition, and medical support.  Students may enter treatment through any of these areas.  Counselors at Dick's House provide initial assessments and discuss options for both individual and/or group therapy support.  Students may also have access to our staff psychiatrist by referral for medication management, if needed.  The number to call to schedule an appointment is 603-646-9442.

Our primary care staff provide medical assessments and assist in treatment planning and medical follow-up to help stabilize and promote improved health.  We encourage students to undergo a comprehensive medical examination with one of our primary care providers as an initial step so we can fully understand the potential impact that the eating disorder may be having on their health.  The number to call to schedule an appointment is 603-646-9401.

Another integral part of eating disorder treatment is nutrition intervention and support.  Students are often referred to our in-house nutritionists by either counseling or primary care staff.  However, students may also be referred to nutritionists in the Hanover community.

Each case is managed in an individualized way focusing on improving the physical and mental health of the individual.

As a general goal of treatment, we believe that students attending Dartmouth College should be able to successfully nourish themselves, while maintaining a healthy weight determined by a variety of health measures.  We aim to help students lead a fulfilling life free from disordered thoughts about food, body, and exercise.  In other words, we firmly believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

Last Updated: 5/21/18