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COLT 73/101: Topics in Literary and Cultural Theory

This course will focus on a specific preoccupation of contemporary theory or on a particular theoretical movement. Prerequisite: Comparative Literature 72 

Winter 2014: Kritzman (10A)

The course will focus on deconstruction  how it works, and how it is difficult to define. We will examine it in a historical and cross-cultural perspective (French, the US, the UK, and Germany) and see how it functions in a variety of contexts: literary, aesthetic, philosophical and religious, feminist, ethical and social issues, and fashion. Attention will also be paid to critiques of deconstruction as well as to its future. Texts may be drawn from Derrida, Heidegger, Cixous, Nancy, Lacou-Labarthe, Kamuf, Ronnell, de Man, Hillis Miller, Rorty, Habermas and Searle.

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