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53. Middle Eastern Literature

This course, offered periodically, will examine texts from the cultures of the Middle East originally in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, or Hebrew. The issue of comparative focus will vary.

Winter 2013:  Kadhim (2)

Modern Arabic Literature in Translation (Identical to Arabic 61)

This course is an introduction to the modern Arabic narrative tradition through the close reading, in translation, of a number of key texts by major twentieth-century Arab authors. The course will consider how perceptions of tradition, change, and identity are represented in modern Arabic literature. Examination of themes, literary styles, and assumptions pertaining to the function of literature and to the nature of human experience will be undertaken. Readings will be drawn from the works of Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt), Tayyib Salih (Sudan), Imil Habibi (Palestine), Hanan Al Shaykh (Lebanon), and others. This course will be taught in English. No prerequisites.  (LIT/NW)

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