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Comparative Literature Program
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COLT 52/AAAS80: Latin American Literatures

Some of the most fascinating literary works of this century have been written by Latin American authors such as Neruda, García Márquez, Fuentes, Allende, etc. This course will analyze modern Latin American literature, its connection to or rejection of European traditions, the ways in which individual works illuminate third world realities and challenge accepted Western views of the world. Offered periodically with varying content.

Winter 2013:  Salgueiro   (3B)

Black Brazilian Women Writers (Identical to African and African American Studies 80)

This course focuses on the contemporary literary production by women of African ancestry in Brazil. The genres covered will be poetry, short story and novel. Students will engage selected literary texts focusing of issues such as slavery and race relations, the construction of family, class divisions and spatial marginality, industrialization, and gender and sexuality politics. Authors will include the likes of Conceição Evaristo and Miriam Alves, two of the most important contemporary Afro-Brazilian literary voices, among others.  

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