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COLT40: Special Topics: Genres

This course will study texts from a generic perspective, concentrating on a particular genre or subgenre that stands outside the broad categories of poetry, drama and narrative.

Spring 2015: Lawrence (3A)

Infernal Affairs: Police on Film

International representations of police-work and the role of police in society. Films from Japan, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and England illustrate the relationship between fictional film, history, and a range of different kinds of literary texts. The course will focus on methods of investigation, surveillance, and interrogation; definitions of crime and the idea of order; the politicization and/or militarization of police; police corruption; and metaphysical issues such as good, evil, and fate. Readings will include fiction, non-fiction works on the psychology and ethics of interrogation, histories and poetry about life in a police state.  (LIT/W)

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