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COLT 40: Special Topics: Genres

This course will study texts from a generic perspective, concentrating on a particular genre or subgenre that stands outside the board categories of poetry, drama, and narrative.

Gothic Fiction (ENG72.12)

The so-called Gothic revival at the end of the eighteenth century dramatically changed the ways in which Europeans read and wrote fiction. While the supernatural orientation of the Gothic has often been read as a resistance to the culture of the Enlightenment, it is just as clear that Gothic writing from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries became an important forum for innovative thinking about sexuality, psychology and the nature of political power. This course will examine some of the radical political and aesthetic possibilities inherent in the Gothic genre as it was conceived in this period. Readings may include work by Horace Walpole, William Godwin, Ann Radcliffe, Matthew Lewis, Charles Maturin, and Mary Shelley. (LIT/W)

Fall 2013:
McCann (12)

Last Updated: 9/6/13