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Please check this site often for up-to-date information on course meeting times and course availability. See the Registrar's Web site for the COLT course listings.  

Courses by Term:

Summer 2013

COLT10: Robbers, Pirates, Terrorist: Forms of Individual Resistance in Literature and Film (LIT/W)
Milich (2A)

COLT62/FS41: Shades of Noir: Film, Fiction, Politics (ART/INT/W)
Isenberg (10A)

COLT67/FS47/WGST56.9: The New Europe: Gender, Immigration, Transnational Film (SOC/INT/CI)

Rodriguez (M3-6)

Fall 2013

COLT1: Read the World (LIT/INT/CI)
Washburn (10A) 

COLT39: The Literary Fairy Tale (LIT/W)
Canepa (10)

COLT40/JPN61: Culture of Anime and Manga (LIT/NW)

Nozawa (10A)

COLT40.2/ENG72.12: Gothic Fiction (LIT/W) McCann (12)

COLT49/WGST53.2: From Hand to Mouth: Writing, Eating and the Construction of Gender (SOC/INT/W)
Reyes (2)

COLT57/INT17/AAAS64/LATS43: US Afro-Latino Literature (LIT)

Tillis (T3-6)

COLT66: What Is Psychoanalysis? (LIT/INT/W)
Kritzman (2A)

COLT72: Literary Theory: Entering the Conversation (LIT/W)
Warren (12)

COLT100: Meaning...
Biron (Tues 4-7)

COLT102: MA Tutorial
Washburn (Arr)

Winter 2014

COLT7: (FYS) The Road Taken (LIT/INT/W)
Tarnowski (10)

COLT10: Strange Natives, Strange Women: The Uninvited Others of European Literature (LIT/W)

Kopper (12)

COLT39/WGST51.7:  Memoirs and the Work They Do  (LIT/CI)
Kacandes (10A)

COLT40/ENG 54.15: History of the Book (LIT/W) Halasz  (2)

COLT51/ENG67/AAAS51: Masterpieces of Literature from Africa  (INT/LIT/NW)
Coly (10A)

COLT57/INT17: Global Medievalism (INT)
Warren (12)

COLT67/ENG63/AAAS67/WGST52: Colonial and Postcolonial Masculinities (LIT)
Coly (2A)

COLT67.2/AAAS86.2/FS42: Race, Gender & Sexuality in Contemporary Brazilian Film (INT/CI)

Salgueiro (3B)

COLT73/101: Deconstruction and Culture
Kritzman (10A)

COLT79: Independent Study
Verona (Arr)

COLT85: Senior Seminar
Verona (Arr)

COLT101: Deconstruction and Culture
Kritzman (10A)

COLT105: Graduate Seminar
Washburn (Arr)

Spring 2014

COLT7: (FYS)- Imagination Unbound: Fantastic & Uncanny Tales (LIT/W)
Rainer (10)

COLT7: (FYS)- The Global Detective (LIT/INT/CI)
Smolin (2A)

COLT10: Don Juan (INT/LIT/W)

Swislocki (10A)

COLT19/CLST40: Translation: Theory and Practice (LIT/INT/W)
Williamson (12)

COLT38.1/RUSS38.2: The Violence of the Story: Masterpieces of Short Fiction in Russian and the West (LIT/W)

Kopper (10)

COLT49: Beasts on the Page: Animals in Literature (LIT/W)

Carranza (12)

COLT52/FS42/LACS30: New Latin American Cinema  (INT)
Spitta & Gem√ľnden (2A)

COLT57/INT17/FRIT35: From Dagos to Sopranos: Italian American Culture (LIT/CI)
Parati (2)

COLT63: Protest Literature in the Americas (INT/LIT/CI)

Smolin (2)

COLT87: Thesis
Verona (Arr)

COLT103: Workshop in Critical Writing
Otter (3A)

Summer 2014

COLT10: Robbers, Pirates, Terrorists: Forms of Individual Resistance in Literature & Film (LIT/W)

Milich (2A)

COLT38: On Labyrinths, Philosophy, and Monsters: The Stories of Jorge Louis Borges (LIT/W)

Spitta - (10A)

COLT62/FS42/GER43: Continental Strangers (ART/CI) 

Gemunden (3A)

Fall 2014

COLT1: Read the World (LIT/INT/CI)

Biron (11) 

COLT31/ENG54.11: Poetry & Poetic Theory (LIT)

Crewe (11)

COLT34: Theater of Ideas in Britain and France

Kritzman (2A)

COLT40/ENG54.15: History of the Book (LIT/W)

Halasz (2)

COLT67/WGST49.4: The Karma of Love  (LIT/NW)

Washburn (12)

COLT72: Global Literary Theory (LIT/W)

Warren (12)

COLT100: This Club Has Everything: Doing Critical Theory

LaGuardia (2A)

COLT102: Tutorial

Washburn (Arr)


Winter 2015

COLT7: (FYS) "What have I done to deserve this?": On Marginal & Disreputable Women in 19th Century Literature

Munoz (3A)

COLT10: Male Friendship from Aristotle to Almodovar (LIT/W)

Kritzman (2A) 

COLT19/CLST40: Translation: Theory & Practice (INT/LIT/W)

Otter (11)

COLT51/ENG67/AAAS51: Masterpieces of Literature from Africa (INT/LIT/NW)

Coly (10A) 

COLT52/LACS64/AAAS80.2/WGST47.5: Black Brazilian Women Writers (LIT)

Salgueiro (3B)

COLT56: The "New Man" on the Moon: Science Fiction Under Socialism

Komska (10)

COLT61/FS47/AMES43.07/JAPN61: Japanese Anime and Global Culture

Washburn (10A)

COLT73: Violence

Coly (2A)

COLT79: Independent Study

Chair (Arr)

COLT85: Senior Seminar

Chair (Arr)

COLT 101: Narrative Theory

Kacandes (2A)

COLT105: Graduate Seminar

Washburn (Arr)

Spring 2015

COLT7: (FYS) Order and Chaos: Carnivals & Other Celebrations 

Smolin (2)

COLT7: (FYS) "You Must Be Dreaming": Dreams in Literature and Film 

Carranza (11)

COLT10:  Race in the Middle Ages

Warren (10A)

COLT40/ART: Infernal Affairs: Police on Film (LIT/W)

Lawrence (3A)

COLT57/INT17:  Memories from the Dark Side: Political And Historical Repression in Europe (LIT/CI)

Aguado (12)

COLT67/CLST10/WGST21.2: Fictions of Sappho (LIT/CI)

Williamson (3A)

COLT79: Independent Study

Chair (Arr)

COLT103: Workshop in Critical Writing 

Fuechtner (3A)



























Please check with the Registrar Office for up-to-date information on course meeting times, course availability, and descriptions.

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