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A Guide to Eating Disorders

Dartmouth College Health Service Eating Disorders Treatment Approach

Dartmouth College Health Service seeks to foster the emotional and physical well-being of students. In keeping with this ideal, the Health Service staff realize the need for support and education around the topics of weight, body image, disordered eating, food preoccupation, and exercise obsession.

We have found that the pressures which Dartmouth students experience often lead to an increased emphasis on food, body image, and exercise. Dartmouth Students are faced with new living and eating situations. In a small community like ours, students often compare their eating and exercise habits to others. Unfortunately, these comparisons can lead to obsessions and unhealthy behaviors.

The philosophy behind Dartmouth's Eating Disorders Program is one of treating the whole student. Eating disorders affect people emotionally, socially, and physically. Therefore, individualized treatment utilizes the expertise of a variety of clinical specialists:

Psychologists for counseling, body image, stress, depression, anxiety, and worries about friends.

Psychiatrists for bingeing, obsessive thoughts, sleep problems, and depression.

Nutritionists for advice on developing a healthy campus eating plan, achieving/maintaining healthy weight, and controlling chaotic eating, purging, and over-exercise.

Physicians/Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners for medical evaluations, irregular menses, bone health, and anemia.

Inpatient Staff for a short term infirmary stay to help structure meals and not purge.

Getting Help

There is hope. Many people fully recover from eating disorders and disordered eating. If you have eating issues, we encourage you to get help. There are many resources listed below. CONTACT one of them. Do it NOW while you are thinking of it and your courage is up. HELP IS AVAILABLE. 

Dartmouth College Resources

To make an appointment, call

After hours or in case of emergency, call

  • 603-646-9440 during academic year
  • 603-646-4000 during summer term and breaks

Peer Advising

Peer Education

Dartmouth College Health Service

  • 7 Rope Ferry Road, HB# 6143
    Hanover, NH 03755-1421

Community Resources

  • Headrest Hotline 603-448-4400
  • Women's Information Service (WISE) 603-448-5922
  • DHMC Outpatient Psychiatry 603-650-5855
  • DHMC Inpatient Psychiatry 603-650-7500

Last Updated: 8/8/14