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Counseling and Human Development (CHD), is a department of the Dartmouth College Health Service and is located on the second floor of Dick Hall's House, 7 Rope Ferry Road. Counseling and Human Development offers prevention-oriented psychological services to a diverse population in collaboration with other professionals working to promote health and safety.

Any issues causing you concern are appropriate to discuss in Counseling and Human Development. They may include:

  • relationship troubles with family, friends or romantic partners
  • difficulties arising from ethnic, cultural and racial differences
  • misuse of alcohol and other drugs
  • gay, lesbian and bisexual issues
  • problems with food and nutrition
  • sexual concerns
  • stress: stressful academic and/or social pressures
  • troublesome feelings such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, shyness, fear and anger
  • taking care of ourselves and building community, response to tragedy, building vs. dividing community, helping others, taking care of self
  • loss of a loved one or other bereavement including loss by suicide

Answers to questions students have about Counseling and Human Development

  • Counseling Records are kept separate from the medical records so if a student is seen for the flu, details about counseling sessions are not available.
  • Counseling records are confidential. No information is given out to anyone (i.e. family, friends, Deans, prospective employers) without the student's written permission. We can not even confirm or deny if the student was ever seen here without the student's permission.
  • The only time confidentiality can be violated is when the student or someone else is in imminent danger. Please review our confidentiality statement.

Last Updated: 5/5/14