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Past Events:

Historian Moon-Ho Jung delivered a lecture, "Seditious Subjects:  Race, State Violence, and the U.S. Empire," Wednesday, May 4, Filene Auditorium, 4:30 p.m.  Co-Sponsored by the Department of History, Women's and Gender Studies, and The Leslie Center for Humanities.  


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Original Document from the Hawaiian Sugar Plantation Archives, LSC 29/4

Dartmouth College currently offers a number of Asian American studies courses. These offerings have expanded with a number of recent full-time hires. Although housed in traditional academic departments, the Asian American studies faculty base their research and teaching in this multi-disciplinary field. The courses they and other visiting faculty offer provide students with an important perspective and means for understanding the multiracial history of the United States as well as the global economic, political, and social contexts shaping the migrations and settlement of diverse Asian populations in the United States and Americas.

Asian American Studies is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of historical and contemporary experiences of Asian Americans in local, national, and global contexts.

Students will be introduced to a broad range of theories, methods, and practical tools for critical analysis and community engagement, in order to interrogate the relationships between larger social forces and lived experiences. Courses are informed by concern for social justice and organized around such concepts as panethnicity; racialization; activism and leadership; identity and community; colonialism, labor migration, and nationalism; and transnationality.

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