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African and African-American Studies

Choate House, HB 6134

34 North Main Street

Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-3397


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The “Life of Malcolm X” murals were painted by Florian Jenkins in 1972. The eight panels depict the life and assassination of the human rights activist. The murals were sponsored by the Afro-American Society and are located in Cutter-Shabazz Hall.

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Recent AAAS Faculty Publications

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Books & Edited Volumes

Chaney, Michael, (Ed.) Graphic Subjects: Critical Essays on Autobiography and Graphic Novels. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 2011.

Diggs Colbert, Soyica. The African American Theatrical Body: Reception, Performance and the Stage. New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011.

Rickford, Russell (Ed.) Beyond Boundaries: The Manning Marable Reader. Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2011.

Tillis, Antonio, (Ed.) (Re)considering Blackness in Contemporary Afro-Brazilian (Con)texts. New York: Peter Lang, 2011.

Tillis, Antonio, (Ed.) Critical Perspectives on Afro-Latin American Literature. New York: Routledge, forthcoming 2011.


Articles & Chapters

Chaney, Michael. “E. E. Cummings’s Tom: A Ballet and Uncle Tom’s Doll-Dance of Modernism.” Journal of Modern Literature 34.2 (2011): 22-44.

Chaney, Michael. “Heartfelt Thanks to Punch for the Picture: Frederick Douglass and the Transnational Jokework of Slave Caricature.” American Literature 82.1 (2010): 57-90.

Freidberg , Susanne. 2010. “Freshness from afar: the colonial roots of contemporary fresh foods,” Food and History, 8, 1, 257-278.

Freidberg , Susanne. 2010 with Lissa Goldstein. “Alternative food in the global South: reflections on a direct marketing initiative in Nairobi, Kenya,” Journal of Rural Studies, 27, 24-34.

Freidberg , Susanne. 2010 “Les haricots verts d’hiver d’Afrique,” A. Jacobsohn, ed., Du fayot au mangetout: l’histoire du haricot sans perdre le fil. 128-33.

Goldthree, Reena. "Amy Jacques Garvey, Theodore Bilbo, and the Paradoxes of Black Nationalism," in Global Circuits of Blackness: Interrogating the African Diasporas, Percy C. Hintzen, Jean Muteba Rahier, and Felipe Smith, eds. (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2010), pp. 152-173

King, Deborah K.  2010.  "Mom-in-Chief:  Community Othermothering and Michelle Obama, The First Lady of the People's House," in Race in the Age of Obama, of the Research in Race and Ethnic Relations series, edited by Donald Cunnigen and Marino A. Bruce.  UK:  Emerald Group Publishing, Volume 16: 77-123.

Igoe, Jim. 2010 “The Spectacle of Nature in the Global Economy of Appearances: Anthropological Engagements with the Spectacular Mediations of Transnational Conservation.”  In press, Critique of Anthropology 30(3).

Igoe, Jim. “Uneven Development and Accumulation by Dispossession in Nature Conservation: a Comparison of Recent Trends in the Azores and Tanzania,” with Katja Neves (2nd author), The Journal of Economic and Social Geography. (In Press)

Mollett, S.  2010 “Esta Listo (Are you ready)?  Gender, race and land registration in the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve.”  Gender, Place and Culture. 17(3):357-375.

Rickford, Russell. “Integration, Black Nationalism and Radical Transformation in African-American Philosophies of Education, 1965-1974” in The New Black History: Revisiting the Second Reconstruction. Hinton and Marable, eds. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, forthcoming 2011.

Rickford, Russell. “Marable’s Marxism: A Black Scholar’s Radical Genealogy.” In Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Culture, Politics and Society. Forthcoming winter 2011.

Tillis, Antonio. “Awakening the Caribbean African: The Socio-Political Poetics of Blas Jiménez.” Caribbean African Upon Awakening. Blas Jiménez (Mango Publishing, 2010. Translated by Antonio D. Tillis); 13-32.

Tillis, Antonio. “Notes of a Black Male Academic Border Crosser: Globalization and the Black Male Body.” The Professoriat: Negotiating a Habitable Space in the Academy. Sandra Jackson and Richard Johnson, editors. New York: Peter Lang, 2011.

Tillis, Antonio. “Cultural Transnationalism and Contemporary Afro-Hispanic Poetry: The Case of Blas Jiménez and Nancy Morejón” in Writing the Afro-Hispanic: Africa and Africans in Spanish Caribbean Culture. Conrad James and Stewart Brown, eds. (Birmingham, UK: Centre for West African Studies, 2011); pp. 12-21.


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