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African and African-American Studies

Choate House, HB 6134

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The “Life of Malcolm X” murals were painted by Florian Jenkins in 1972. The eight panels depict the life and assassination of the human rights activist. The murals were sponsored by the Afro-American Society and are located in Cutter-Shabazz Hall.

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AAAS Courses by Term

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Summer 2014

AAAS 14 Precolonial African History (crosslisted with HIST 5.1)
This course will examine the social and economic history of Africa to 1800. Several interrelated themes of social organization, the expansion of trade, rise of new social classes, the emergence and disintegration of various states and European intervention will be discussed. Through our readings, we will visit every major historical region of Africa (north, east, central, west and south) at least once during the term to illuminate the various themes.
Sackeyfio (10A) NW SOC

AAAS 46 History of Modern South Africa (crosslisted with HIST 67)
After an initial overview of colonialism in Africa, this course will concentrate on southern Africa, with special emphasis on the historical development, effects, and implications of the racial situation in the Republic of South Africa. Readings will be drawn from primary and secondary materials and from works of fiction. Illustrative films will be shown, and some opportunity offered to compare the history of race relations in South Africa with that in other African countries and in the United States.
Sackeyfio (2A) NW SOC

AAAS 80.3 Blacks in Hollywood Film
This class is designed to explore the development, treatment and promulgation of created visual images relative to the presentation and representation of blacks in Hollywood film from the genesis of feature-length film, roughly 1915, to filmic productions of the early 21st century. In so doing, the class will examine critically Hollywood's cinematic treatment of black people focusing on the following: patriarchal masculinity, black masculinity, black womanhood, and the black male/white female paradigm.
Tillis (Wed 3-6) CI SOC

AAAS 81.4 The Black Church and Black Bodies: Race, Sexuality, and Class in Religious Culture (crosslisted with Religion 74.4 and Women's and Gender Studies 43.7)
Black churches are challenged to better understand and respond to subjects that are often considered taboo. This course will focus on ideas and approaches that have informed the historic and current Black Church around race, sexuality, and class (and their nexus). Informed by Cultural Theory, it will consider how such churches have endeavored to understand, socialize, and in some instances, control Black bodies as well as some of the broader implications for critically assessing inequality, diversity, and social justice.
Barnes (Tue 3-6) CI TMV



Ongoing Offerings

AAAS 89: Independent Study in African and African American Studies

Available to students who wish to independently explore aspects of African and African American Studies which are not included in courses currently offered at Dartmouth. Open to qualified students with permission of the course instructor and the Chair. (Obtain Proposal Form in the program office.) No student may take more than two such courses without the approval of the Chair. Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

AAAS 97: Senior Independent Research in African and African American Studies

For senior African and African American Studies majors toward the culminating experience, with permission of selected instructor and the Chair. (Obtain Proposal Form in the program office.)

AAAS 98-99: Honors Thesis in African and African American Studies, two terms of senior year with selected AAAS faculty member

The honors student will pursue the project under guidance of selected faculty member and with permission of the Chair. See "A Guide to Honors in African and African American Studies."


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