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Tutor Application

**STOP**  If you have NEVER worked for the College for pay in the past, you MUST go to the Tutor Clearinghouse website containing information about payroll authorization (see:  If your I9 and W4 forms have not yet been filed with the PAYROLL office, you will NOT be allowed to work until such time as these requirements have been met.  If you somehow circumvent this process and submit timesheets for payment and the Tutor Clearinghouse learns that you are *out of compliance* your ability to work will be rescinded IMMEDIATELY.  


Please simply fill out the form below and click "Submit." We will contact you via blitz if/when you are matched with a tutee.  (This must be done each term you intend to offer academic support!)

Thank you for applying to become a tutor!

14X Regular Tutor Application (NOT for making specific requests)

14X Tutor Application for Requesting SPECIFIC TUTEES (for making specific tutee requests- ***note: You and your requested tutee must see Holly during her posted office hours before an official match can be set. Details of these office hours can be found at:


Last Updated: 6/18/14