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For Tutors

Requirements to be a Tutor

  • It's preferable to have achieved an A- or A in the course; there may be cases where we would consider a B+ (and, some courses qualify for an exemption - check with us!)
  • 3 hour (max) time commitment per week per tutee
  • Must have read all information pertaining to the Peer Tutor Program available on the Tutor Clearinghouse website
  • Read and adhere to the Tutor Contract (on the application page)
  • Before or after being matched, must attend a tutor training session (offered each term in the Academic Skills Center)

Important Information

  • If tutoring a student who is on financial aid or on a varsity athlete team **OR** if the Peer Tutor has a VISA status, the Tutor must fill out timesheets and hand them in to 224 Baker. (Click on "Timesheets" below.)
  • Tutors filling out timesheets must also have their I-9/W-4 forms submitted to the Payroll Office within three days of beginning their work.
  • **Students with an F-1 or J-1 visa must let us know, so that we can make arrangements to keep within employment laws
  • Matches are not guaranteed. Priority goes to tutors with previous experience (if data is available) and tutors who have taken the course with the same professor as the tutee. Otherwise, matches are largely made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • A match between tutor and tutee is considered "official" only after the receipt of a "match" email. You will not be compensated by the Tutor Clearinghouse for any tutoring hours recorded before the match is "official" or recorded outside the 3 hours/week limit. Such hours can either be compensated by the Tutee or can be considered an offering by the Tutor as Community Service Hours in the PAY IT FORWARD program.


Last Updated: 7/9/14