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*Request Process

*CP Request Form

*Download a Conversation Partner Pledge


- Any student may request a Conversation Partner if their goal is to improve their speaking/comprehension of a foreign language. In order to receive financial aid for the program, the student must provide a valid reason for requesting the Conversation Partner. For a list of valid reasons please visit the program FAQs.

- Tutees should not expect or ask their CP for help with class work or course topics. The CP exists for listening, speaking, and communication practice only.

- Notify your CP if you will be late or need to reschedule a meeting. If your CP arrives late or misses a meeting more than once, please notify the Tutor Clearinghouse.

- For those students who receive financial aid from the college, the Tutor Clearinghouse will fully subsidize up to two hours of meetings per week, per number of languages. Any meetings in excess of that will be at the tutee’s own expense or will be considered “community service."  The Tutor Clearinghouse will subsidize a tutor OR a conversation partner match, but not both, however the student may certainly do both programs, with one at their own expense.

- Both members of the pair should keep an accurate record of all meetings. Any student who falsifies these records will be subject to disciplinary action by the College.

- The language of study is to be the only language spoken at conversation partner meetings, except in those rare instances when it is impossible to do so. Both parties will sign a language pledge agreeing to this. The topic of discussion is at the discretion of the pair.

CP Request Process

1. Fill out and submit the Conversation Partner request form below.

2. Wait to hear back from the Tutor Clearinghouse—we will notify you once you’ve been matched.

3. Contact your CP within a week of your match to schedule your first session.

4. *At your first session, print out a copy of the Conversation Partner Pledge and have the two of you sign the form. Submit it to the Tutor Clearinghouse by visiting 224 Baker!

Request a CP

Please submit one Conversation Partner Request Form per language.

By filling out your name and Dartmouth ID, you agree to the contract and language pledge as stipulated in the request form.

17S Conversation Partner Request Form

Last Updated: 3/24/17