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Classes: Notetaking, Listening, Participation

Information presented in class often contains the central concepts of the course and the material most likely to be included on exams. Yet, students frequently do not realize the importance of notetaking and listening. The following resources provide tips on how to recall more information from your lectures through active listening and purposeful notetaking. In addition, lecture notes can be a critical tool for preparing for exams. Suggestions are provided for how to use your notes regularly to review. The key is to develop a system that enables you to :

  • review regularly
  • recite (repeating key concepts from class)
  • reflect (connecting class ideas to other notes and readings)





(Note: This video has closed captioning. The closed captioning can be turned on/off on the YouTube video!)

Notetaking Video (8:24 Minutes)

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Last Updated: 8/24/16