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Learning Strategies Inventories: Assess How You Learn

The following pages provide a variety of suggestions and resources for maximizing your academic experience. View an on-line video, read about helpful strategies, or download a handout.  You can either search for resources by category or by format.

By Category

By Format

Succeeding in Your First Year

Assessing Your Learning Style

Classes: Listening, Notetaking, Participation

Getting to Know Your Professors

Learning a Foreign Language

Studying in Math and the Sciences

Managing Your Time

Active Reading: Comprehension and Rate

Improving Concentration, Memory, and Motivation

Preparing and Taking Tests and Exams

Writing (you will be redirected to RWIT's Writing Resources)

Videos: Learning Strategies

Subject Tutorials: The Khan Academy

Handouts: Study Skills

Learning Links (resources from outside Dartmouth)


Last Updated: 6/11/12