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Scheduling Your Courses In and Out of Season

As a student-athlete, it is important to plan ahead and consider your academic courses not only for the current term, but also for the year and your four years. One of the key ingredients for success as a student-athlete is balancing your course load. Use the 4-year planning document, available in the ASC, to map out when you want to take your major courses, your distributive courses, and any other requirements.

Whether you are in or out of season, you should try to schedule your courses in such a way that creates balance. For example, try to avoid taking three large introductory courses or three courses from one discipline. One good strategy is to take at least one smaller course each term, one course in your major area, and one course that satisfies a distributive requirement.

In season athletes should consider the amount of travel required for their sport. For example, if your sport requires that you miss several Fridays for travel, try to select courses that meet on Tues and Thurs or early on Friday mornings. Another strategy is to meet with winter term course professors at the end of fall term and ask if being absent for the number of contests you have will be a problem in taking the course.

Student-athletes who are first year students, intend to major in pre-med or engineering, or are undecided about majors should utilize the following resources when selecting courses:

  • First-Year faculty advisor
  • Team faculty advisor
  • First Year Office
  • Class Dean
  • Academic Counselor/DP2
  • Community Directors and UGAs
  • Upperclass teammates

Last Updated: 5/30/12