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Student-Athlete Eligibility Information

All upper-class student-athletes must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory progress toward a degree to be eligible to represent Dartmouth in outside competitions. Students on academic Probation may be prohibited, at the discretion of the COS, from intercollegiate athletic participation.

Satisfactory progress is defined as the following (note these standards refer to the minimum requirements a Dartmouth student must meet to be eligible according to NCAA and Ivy League standards; Dartmouth students must earn 35 credits to graduate or approximately 9 credits per academic year):

  • at the completion of the first year, six credits must have been earned
  • at the completion of sophomore year, 14 credits must have been earned
  • at the completion of junior year, 21 credits must be earned

D-plan and eligibility considerations

  • Students returning from being absent in the previous term may begin eligibility the day after the last day of the official end of the term (including examination period)
  • Students enrolled and eligible in a term remain eligible until the first day of classes in the subsequent term
  • Students may NOT compete in terms in which they are not registered. This includes ALL outside competitions - scrimmages and countable contests.
  • Students who have been suspended or have been away from Dartmouth for multiple terms may not be making satisfactory progress. Students should notify their coach if they are intending to compete but have been away for more than one term or have deviated from their D-plan.

Last Updated: 7/29/08